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I've been sending out stickers to help promote StolenBikeRegistry for many years now. They're a great way of showing your support for the site while showing your distaste for bike thieves!

Anyone who helps recover a bike, or who gets their bike back also gets a free sticker

You can use the links below to buy SBR stickers, and all funds go towards running and maintaining the website: server fees, postage, more sticker printing, flyer printing, etc. As we run this whole website out of pocket, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Death To Bike Thieves

By and far the single most popular sticker I've ever created, the "death to bike thieves" sticker is short, sweet, and to the point.

death to bike thieves
How many "Death to Bike Thieves" stickers?

I Want My #@%!ing Bike Back

Because, seriously ... I just want my #@%!ing bike back

I Want My #@%!ing Bike Back
How many "I Want My #@%!ing Bike Back" stickers?

If you would like more than 20 stickers, please email me directly at

You can also make a donation!

If stickers aren't your thing, a donation is also always appreciated. Every single penny you donate goes towards recovering more bikes.